Why You Don’t Have to Rush Into Adulthood

We have had the idea of establishing and reaching milestones for the longest time. It starts from our childhood, small developmental milestones like crawling, walking and even talking are considered very important markers to assess a child’s developmental level. These milestones or “life achievements” are celebrated as well, and they keep changing as we grow older in each passing stage in life. Going into high school, getting your first car, first prom, college etc. However, the problem with these milestones occurs because they aren’t natural, rather man-made constructs.

A lot of people feel pressured by, or even burdened by these milestones. There is the pressure of having to “immediately” move out once we turn 18, finding a job, getting a place of our own etc. Overtime, when people end up having issues reaching these milestones at their set appointed age or time, they start considering themselves to be a failure to society and everyone around them, which is not true.

Yes, it is important to get a job that helps you maintain a proper lifestyle, however you should not feel pressured to jump into things, especially when you aren’t ready. Houses are expensive, maintaining and taking care of them is a herculean task as well, so wait till you have the proper money to opt for large mortgages as well as other additional payments as well. Similarly, if you do not want to get married or have children but feel you should because everyone else around you does, or because you’re too old to wait longer, then don’t, or else you will end up with a lot of other problems you won’t be able to handle emotionally or psychologically. So, it’s okay to take your time and breathe. You don’t have to work in the same pace as everyone else.