Why Get a Dental Crown

People often wonder what the best procedure is for tooth replacement surgery. This is a type of dentistry that falls under both cosmetic procedures and health related procedures. If you have chipped or broken teeth, misaligned teeth, or are missing a tooth, then you can always opt to get a dental crown planted in place of these teeth.

It is by far the best option out of any tooth replacement or fixing surgery and is second only to an actual natural tooth in your mouth. In this article we will be discussing why you should opt for a dental crown if you need a tooth replacement and some of its benefits. You can go to the Midtown dentist Atlanta for more information. A lot of people think that implants are very expensive but that is not true.

Compared to many other procedures, implants are pretty affordable, especially since they can be put in your mouth in a single session without there being any need for follow ups or maintenance visits. It is also the most stable procedure you can get done as when you have a dental crown implanted in your mouth, it acts exactly like a tooth. You will have no problem with it being there and there is no danger of you accidentally damaging the dental crown because it can take anything the rest of your teeth can take. The dental crown does not need to be removed from your mouth while you eat, drink, or sleep like a denture would. It also does not affect the rest of your teeth the day a 3 tooth bridge would. Finally a dental crown makes sure that you never have to worry about your jaw bone decaying over time because of a lack of stimulation. A dental crown has a root that goes to the jaw bone and prevents any decay from happening.