Why Gaming Shouldn’t Be Taboo

One of the most common question children are asked apart from what they want to be when they grow up, regardless of whether it is a social setting, in schools and even later on as we grow up is about their hobbies, or basically what they enjoy doing in their free time. The answers most adults want to hear include reading, drawing, coloring or anything else along the “traditional” lines. If a child says that they like to play games, they will further be asked as to what type of games they like to play, if the child says scrabble, chess etc. then it is considered acceptable; however if the child says they like to play games online or on the computer/phone/tablet etc. everyone will have an opinion on the topic, most of which being negative.

While yes, screen addiction is a problem that needs to be addressed, its solution isn’t to prohibit children from any access to screens. Their generation is very different from our own and they will have interests that will persist only in theirs that is how trends work. While yes, there are some games that aren’t suitable for children of certain age groups to play, you can as parents prevent them from playing it. There are parental supervision settings available.

There also happen to be a lot of other games that your child can play that can be fun and interactive for them. There are games like the YuGiOh GBA rom which can be played by your child and their friends.  If you want to understand your child better or want to get closer to them, you can also take part in the game. It can later on become a memory that your child and you can cherish years down the line.