What Should Be Your Criteria For a Student Accommodation?

The choosing of an accommodation for students is not a light matter and should not be taken so. The place that every student chooses to live in should provide the basic facilities, price should be affordable keeping students in mind and should be safe. The decision of living in one accommodation should be made seriously as it will involve money, time, energy and much more qualitatively.

There are many cheap student accommodation in Birmingham but our advice is that do not throw away everything just for cheap. If you have even a bit of money then you should spend it on an accommodation that at least fulfills your basic needs.


If you get an accommodation that is far away from your college then you would be spending a lot of time and money on transportation, especially if you do not have a car so we would suggest that you find an accommodation that is near to the college which will benefit you as you would never be late for class, you would be able to come home during breaks and you would have extra time to sleep in.


All your choices would be dictated by your budget so you should only look at accommodations that you can afford but one thing that we would like to put in is that if you have the money, do not go for the lowest quality accommodation just to save money. According to your budget, you would be able to decide whether you want to share the room with someone or not and both have their own perks; living alone would allow you more freedom and space but if you get a roommate then chances are that you will build a strong and ever lasting friendship.