What is Included in The Suspension System of a Car?

Many vehicle owners do not bother with gathering knowledge of cars even though it proves to be a benefit when you know your car inside out as it helps you maintain and drive it perfectly. When you are oblivious to the inside working of your car, how would you take care of it properly? If you do not know what the potential problems are then how will you recognize a sign that your car needs a repair?

Whenever we ask people these questions, they get to know that they are at fault but yet they do not bother with getting data on their car because of laziness. If you are one of those people then we would suggest that you make it your priority to getting to know your car; its major systems that make the car work and the common problems that can occur, especially keeping your car’s condition in mind. If you are in Perth and wish someone to check out the suspension of your car then you can visit West Coast Suspension as we have heard that it offers great services but we will let you be the judge of that. We actually want our readers to know the basics of the suspension system of the car so let us begin.


The springing system of each car is important and you would come across 4 types. One is the coil spring which is a common spring and you will probably come across it a lot. The other is the leaf spring and it is called so because many metal parts are joined together to make a leaf shape and it was invented quite some time ago but is still used in heavy duty vehicles.