Tips And Tricks to Put Your Baby to Sleep in a Crib

All new mothers know that babies can be fussy if you try to them down for a nap on a bed and not in your arms. Naturally, babies love sleeping with their mommies and detest being left alone which can be a problem for the mommy because it is not possible to be with the baby all the time and it is said to complete all the house chores when the baby is asleep but how are you supposed to do that if the baby just won’t fall asleep without you? Putting the baby to sleep in a crib is good for the baby too as it embeds a habit of sleeping independently and of course it helps the mother too because every mother needs some rest time without the baby.

The problem is that many mothers do not know how to make the baby adjust to the crib because as soon the babies hits the crib bed, they somehow sense the abandonment and raise hell by crying which is why mothers are suffering. The first thing that you should do is check the crib mattress safety and the rest of the tricks are down below.

The baby cries in the crib because he/she is not familiar with it and craves the comfort of your arms but you can make him/her familiar with the crib by placing it in swaddles or sleeping sacks that smell like you.

Appropriate Time
Never put down the baby in the crib when he/she is fully asleep because they will cry once they wake up as they won’t remember how they got there. When your baby’s eyes start drooping then place him/her in the crib so that the baby is aware of being placed there and won’t cry upon waking up.