The Quest For Perfect Eyebrows

There’s a lot of things that a woman must do in order to stay beautiful; it takes a lot of effort but we love doing it anyways. There are many facial aesthetics that we enhance through our make-up and not all of them are as easy as a few strokes. Having to do your eyebrows is one of the more challenging areas to work on.

A lot of us ladies are guilty of spending a few hundred dollars on eyebrow wax each year and it’s not like it’s even a pleasurable experience to begin with. Eyebrow waxing hurts and despite the pain you feel, the results don’t last more than just a week or two each time. We spend so much time and effort on our eyebrows and to think that there was one a time where people considered the lack of eyebrows the optimal beauty standard.

A lot of young girls over pluck their eyebrows in peer pressure to the point where they only have very little eyebrows left on their faces – this is the point of regret. Once your eyebrows have lost their shape and thickness, it can be even harder to make them look good; you might even have to draw them on with a pencil every day. However, even when this happens, there’s still microblading that can help you out.

Microblading is a technique that tattoos strands of eyebrow hair back on your forehead. The results need to be touched up every once in a while to remain convincing but the good thing about this technique is that if done right, it can look very convincing. Microblading can save you a lot of time and effort everyday – to learn more about this technique, visit