Take Me Over

Gaslighting is something that can happen to anyone in an unstable relationship and you would never even notice it’s happening to you. People with sociopathic tendencies or likeness will employ this tactic to the best of their abilities so that you find yourself in a corner unsure of whether you can trust yourself or not. Gaslighting in relationships: 7 signs + how to put out the flame of this long and gradual process is how you begin to slowly mistrust your own memory. The mind that we have as humans is not perfect in any way and is suspect to mistakes, as all humans are.

Gaslighting individuals make use of this to incredible effectiveness. It could take even years before you ever actually realize that you’re being gaslighting just because of how slow and gradual the whole process is.  For our imperfect minds, we need something to remind us of incidents at times. An example is noticing that the lighting in a room feels a lot dimmer than they usually are however being assured that everything is the way it has always been but rather you’re the one who seems to be getting confused.

In those cases, when someone assures us with so much certainty that things haven’t changed and it’s our own perception that seems to be warped, we tend to believe them but this is just one of the signs of a slow and gradual process of gaslighting that will drive you to a breaking point where you no longer understand the difference between reality and fiction. A gaslighter is good at even using the people that you surround yourself with in your social circles against you by finding the people that would be on their side and have them conform you in to certain ways.