Structure of Volley Ball Shoes

If you are not sure about purchasing the shoes then you can go and read about them and decide if you really need them or not. Let us now look at the structure of volley ball shoes.

The lining is the inside fabric which is situated on the inside of the shoe and provides comfort to the feet.

As the name suggests, eyelets are the holes which are located on the sides of the tongue that is used to put the laces in.

This is the feature that everyone knows and it is used to provide the perfect fit to the feet.

Mesh Panels
This is not present in all of the volley ball shoes but quite a few of them have this feature and people prefer shoes with this feature as this allows the feet to breathe and it counts as one of the benefits of volleyball shoes here.

Toe Cap
When buying volley ball shoes, make sure that your pair has a toe cap as this prolongs the life of the shoe and protects the toe area from wear and tear.

Ventilation Holes
The ventilation holes are different from mesh panels because all volley ball shoes have ventilation holes and it allows the moisture to get evaporated.

The arch is important in volley ball shoes as they provide support to the feet when you are playing the sport and one thing that you need to remember is that there are many types of arches in volley ball shoes.

Heel Panel
This is a fabric which is necessary as it provides a protection to the heels of the feet.

Most of the shoes have insoles but it is very necessary in volley ball shoes as it provides ease and orthotic support to the feet which can be used in a game of volley ball.