Rejuvenate Your Eyes With Blepharoplasty

The eyes are one of the most striking features of one’s face, they are what make one’s face look lively and help a lot in expressing our emotions and feelings. Droopy eyelids are a common phenomenon on many aging people, as we get older, the skin around our eyes begins to loosen up and starts forming bags, folds and wrinkles. All of these can make one look tired and have a pretty negative impact on the aesthetic aspect of their eyes, luckily these effects can be reversed through blepharoplasty; a cosmetic procedure that gets rid of excess skin around the eyes and rejuvenates the surrounding skin, resulting in making your face look much younger.

Blepharoplasty (or eyelid surgery) can work wonders on your face since it focuses on improving the skin right around your eyes, this process requires making incisions in the patient’s eyelids, making it an invasive procedure that will require some down time for complete healing. The incisions are made on the eyelid that needs to be reduced, and an experienced cosmetic surgeon can easily complete the entire procedure within two to three hours.

SCULPT is a renown cosmetic clinic that excels in carrying out a variety of cosmetic surgeries, this clinic makes use of the best equipment available when carrying out blepharoplasty and prioritizes the comfort of the patient through the entire process. After surgery, SCULPT will do everything it can to ensure that your eyelids make a complete recovery, after undergoing eyelid surgery you can expect to make a full recovery in seven days, your eye tissue will be delicate during this time so precautions are a must. If you are unsure about whether you need eyelid surgery or not then contact SCULPT™ for advice in cosmetic surgery and for any further enquires that you might have.