Readying Your Material For Use

You can do DIY furniture projects on almost all kinds of wood so why not put some old wood to use instead of spending all that money on new material? Granted, old reclaimed wood can be too roughed up or too damaged by termites to be made into something useful by even the most skilled of carpenters. However, you can avoid all the problems that come with reclaimed wood and skip ahead to the benefits it offers you instead.

By using reclaimed wood in your woodwork, you’re not just going to save money on materials but you’ll also be doing the world a great service since you’re playing your part in recycling wood and taking a stand against deforestation for more new wood. Here’s what you should do before using reclaimed wood in your woodwork.


This much should be fairly obvious but before you can make something nice out of old wood, you’ll have to blast it with a jet of water to rinse off all the grime and dirt it’s been gathering all this time. You can also give your wood a generous coat of bleach later to prevent the formation of mould.

Look For Metal

Old pieces of wood can have nails, staples and other bits of metal left in it sometimes. These can damage your woodwork tools and can cause injuries to the user of your end product. You should always scan your reclaimed wooden material for metal before starting your project.

Bug Infestations

There are two major reasons why you’ll never want termites in the wood you’re using; first, whatever you can make of this wood will lack structural integrity because of the damage done by the mites and second, they can infest all the woodwork lying around in your workshop.