Not Sure Why Your Lower-Back Hurts?

It is not uncommon to experience sharp lower back pain these days and individuals as young as 25 are complaining about back ache. Sometimes the pain can become too excruciating that the person might become disable from doing anything and might not be able to sit properly. Older people in their 50s are highly susceptible to this issue because during this age our spinal fluids starts too dry out which disrupts the natural distance between each vertebra. The person suffering from back pain becomes scared of doing any physical activity because they think it might make the matter worse for them.

Many beginners who start weightlifting for the first time might suffer from a sharp pain due to spraining of a particular muscle. This mostly happens because of an improper posture during the exercise or lifting too heavy weight that is not recommended for the beginners. The cartilage that is present throughout the spinal region can get herniated as the person gets old. The deficiency in calcium can cause the bone to weaken which disfigures their original shape and size. This can result in the disc injury which is very hard to treat and even the surgeries cannot result in complete recovery.

In case of a ruptured disc it is highly recommended to go to the emergency portion of a nearby hospital so that it can be treated before it is too late. If you are looking for the best chiropractic services in Colorado, then make sure to visit the website of Inner Vitality to learn more about them. The discs which are there to absorb the shock that our body might go through can often times shrink due to aging process. This can also trigger a sharp lower back pain which can be very hard to bear.