Managing Windows

These days, you’ll hardly come across a house that doesn’t have windows the size of a wall. Big windows look amazing from the outside and from the inside, they can really help make your place look and feel more open even if you have a house that’s a bit on the smaller side. No matter how cool big windows are, they can be troublesome as well if you can’t cover them properly.

One way to cover a window is to get curtains that you can pull back and forth to either let light in or keep it out altogether. However, that’s precisely the problem with curtains; you don’t get to control the degree to which you want to let light in to your place.

When you open your curtains, your interior’s privacy is also compromised and if you only pull back the curtains just a little, you won’t get enough light at all. Asides from the lighting issues, curtains are also much more expensive than shades and blinds, especially if you have large windows, which basically means that you have to buy more curtain material. You can save a lot of money by buying roman shades for your window instead and at the same time, you get a greater degree of control over your lighting and privacy.

Shades also let in dim light very evenly when they’re pulled down while curtains can cause a room to totally go dark when they’re pulled shut. On top of that, roman shades are also much better at controlling the amount of UV rays that enter your place. You have to manage your windows the best you can and curtains just don’t cut it anymore so it’s just better to invest in roman shades.