LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Indoor lighting method to grow cannabis plants is relatively a new method and many enthusiasts are following this latest trend to enjoy greater yields with minimum investment. You can start off with the least amount of money with this indoor planting method and increase your setup gradually as your budget increases.

Other methods like CFLs not only increase your monthly electricity cost but this also gives off a greater amount of heat energy. A typical 200 watts LED grow light can give yield of around 100 grams which is considered the most optimum way of plant harvesting while remaining indoors.

Most people nowadays have replaced HPS with their new LED grow lights as they can actually stimulate a higher growth and give larger yield over a long time period. A 600W HPS wastes around a much higher amount of heat energy when compared to the same power of LED grow light. LED lights produce less amount of heat compared to its counterparts so it is better to maintain a less distance between the plants and the light. Your watering frequency should also be less because of the difference in the heat production, only water the plants again when the soil is not moist anymore. Top LED Grow Lights Reviews provides well-researched information for people who are in this business and you should visit their webpage if you are looking for best LED grow lights 2018.

Make sure to provide a well-balanced lighting time to your plants because they also need to rest during the dark hours of the night. It is better to follow the natural light timings so that the plants do not have to overwork which can stunt their growth. For the best way to produce medical marijuana make sure to find more information on their website.