Leak Proof Chemical Pumps

The chemical industry often uses motorized pumps to move substances around facilities in a safe and efficient manner, the problem with traditional pumps is that their design often results in leakages. Pumps are divided into two parts; the wet part where liquid enters and exits the pump and the motor part where the motor is housed, a shaft connects both of these parts and provides torque to the wet part. Since this shaft enters the wet part, it leaves places from where leakage can occur due to malfunctioning and wear and tear.

A leaky pump can result in a mess and in some chemical handling facilities they can even become a safety hazard, this is where March Pump comes in; the innovators behind the magnetic drive pump, a highly experienced precision machining company that specialises in manufacturing chemical magnetic drive pumps. The company first got the idea to introduce a magnetic drive into their pumps in 1962, a magnetic drive consists of two close set magnets, one connected to a power source, which, when receives power, begins to rotate itself and the other magnet as well. By introducing magnetic drives into pumps, a shaft is no longer needed to transfer power, allowing both parts of a pump to become self-contained.

March Pump’s durable and precisely made pumps are leak proof for this reason, the company makes use of state of the art manufacturing methods such as CNC machining and injection moulds in order to further minimise the chances of any defects in their pumps. You can take a look at the wide number of pumps that they can produce on their website, you can also visit them at their site in Chicago and see for yourself how some of the best chemical pumps in all of America are produced.