Infant Oral Care

Whenever someone has a child, especially if it is their first child, it is easy to freak out about all the different things that you need to do for your child. People everywhere will be telling new patents what they can and cannot be doing anymore, what items they must have for their children, and all the various thing and procedures you need to go through to keep your child safe. It can really be a lot to take in and can wear out even the most energetic people.

The worst part is that you are never sure what you can do and what you cannot do and who is giving you good advice and who is just telling you false facts that they might have heard randomly and out of context. For new parents, the ride can initially be very scary and it is a time where having a reliable source for child care can be really helpful. After all, you will want to make sure that your own children have the best care available to them at all times.

This is why the pediatric dentist Roswell has answered some frequently asked questions about child care and oral health, especially for parents who have really young children. One of the most important things that he points out is that there is no age limit on when you should start cleaning or brushing your child’s teeth. Bacterial build up can occur because of the sugars in juices and milk formulas and that can lead to your child getting sick. If your child does not have teeth yet, wipe their gums with a damp wash cloth after they feed, and later when they have grown older you can start using child sized tooth brushes, but it is important to enforce oral cleanliness.