Helping You Take Your Dancing Skills to The Next Level

What makes art so attractive for many is its ability to provide limitless growth, one can grow and delve deep into the world of art for as long as they can imagine and create, the same holds true for contemporary dancing, a type of dancing that involves performers sharing their ideas and expressions through artistic and fluid dancing. Contemporary dance is an art form that resonates deeply with the fundamentals of art as it enables one to be really flexible and broad about their technique.

There are various educational institutes that are dedicated to helping people discover contemporary dancing and learn about it, FiveLines is one such institute, it provides classes and lessons for children, teenagers and adults as well. FiveLines has a team of instructors who can easily be considered as master practitioners, this allows the institute to offer master classes as well. Their master classes are designed for highly experienced performers and consist of lessons that help them optimise their performance skills and challenge them in mental and physical ways.

Master classes are taught by Ezekiel Oliveira, a superb practitioner who has had years of experience in the theatrical side of contemporary dancing, under his guidance, performers learn how to go beyond their limits and hone their skills to the next level. You can learn a great deal about various advanced techniques such as upside down dancing, weight shifting and more. FiveLines is known for offering some of the finest master level lessons for contemporary dance Singapore wide, you can read more about their master classes by viewing their website. This institute is based upon encouraging fresh talent and spreading the joy of modern dance across the world, helping artistic minds create captivating and beautiful work for everyone to see.