Fun Activities That You Can Do in Cancun, Mexico

If you go on Google and type in the word Cancun, your eyes would be assaulted by beautiful images and rich information about the city of Cancun. This city is known for its beaches, nightlife and archaeological sites which are one of the best preserved sites in all of Mexico and you might be interested to know that some of these sites are related to the famous Mayans of old times. There are many beautiful points but Cancun itself is a widely popular tourist attraction and we would suggest our readers to surely give this place a visit if you are planning a vacation soon.

If you are hooked because of the beautiful images of the city but are wondering what you might be able to do there then just continue reading the article as we have prepared a list of 6 must do things in Cancun which will give you good enough idea of the fun things that you can do there.

Isla Mujeres

This is the Island of Women and even though it does not offer wild fun activities, it still holds a certain charm. The sites that are worth seeing are Hacienda Mundaca and the local turtle farm. The first one was a mansion back in 19th century but now it is in ruins and gives off a haunted vibe. The turtle farm is great for people who love marine life as there is an aquarium there.

Playa Tortugas

The best thing about this beach is that there is no entrance fee and tourists come there to enjoy the pristine blue water and clean sand. Common activities are swimming and rafting for hours and then dining in the various restaurants and many of them are open air which gives spectacular view of the beach.