Entertainment On The Go

While nothing can beat the pleasure of sitting at home on your favourite couch in front of your widescreen display to watch your favourite shows and movies, the problem is that one needs to be at home in order to indulge in this pleasure.

You can’t carry a TV everywhere you go, but almost everyone has the next best thing in their pockets now; smart devices, with the right apps installed, you can easily convert your device into a handheld TV and view whatever you want to view whenever you want. Mobodro is a streaming app that has been gaining popularity in its category at an astounding rate, the app is available on android, apple and on PCs and offers a lot.

One of the biggest reasons behind this app’s immense success is the fact that it provides a much more “open” user experience than other similar apps, Mobodro does not require you to pay fees to access HD content and is totally free to use, it does have a premium version but other than not having ads and the addition of Chromecast compatibility, both versions are pretty much the same. This app also comes with a really well-designed user interface, one that is a breeze to use and does not contain any needless nuisances.

Currently the only other app that provides the same level of user experience in online streaming is Kodi, and people are quickly starting to dub Mobodro as the new Kodi. Mobodro definitely seems to be wining the Mobdro Kodi competition, all thanks to its great design, user orientated working and spectacular support that this app gets on a regular basis. You can get a copy of Mobodro from its website and also find instructions on how to install the app from over there.