Custom Christmas Decorations

AS the Christmas season comes closer and closer we all want our own house to look really good and full of Christmas spirit. For many, decorating their house up for Christmas is an age old tradition and one we have enjoyed since we were all young children.

As adults we all want to live that magic again and dress up our own houses, apartments, condos, and rooms to reflect our own Christmas spirit. However, a problem we all face when we try to put up some decorations as adults is that we need to now style it according to our own vision and our own aesthetics. While the store bought Christmas décor does look really good, it might not work with the look of our own living spaces and might clash a lot as many homes just cannot keep up with the Christmas colour scheme and when mixed together the decorations can look really tacky and cheap. So In this article we will be picking up and talking about some of the best homemade Christmas decorations by DreamGreenDIY.

Now one of my own favourite homemade decorations has to be the custom ornaments string. This one craft is a particularly great one because of how easily it can be changed around to match the rest of the house or how easily it can be personalized for each individual household. The ornament string has a modern look to it and can be brightly coloured or purposefully minimalistic depending on how you want your decorations. To make them you just need some transparent ornaments, a sharpie marker, a roll of ribbon, some paint, and some false snow blankets. The paint can be mixed with the snow blanket and put into the ornaments while the sharpie is used to write messages on them, the ribbon ties it all together for a great holiday decoration.