Computer Speeds

In today’s day and age, the computer that we use is arguably one of the most important tools for our lives. Without our computers we would be disconnected from both work and from recreation. Computers have become the center of both our work and social lives and you really have no idea just how dull your life can become if you did not have a working computer available for use at all times.

Of course even a computer that is fully workable can become a burden if it does not work quickly enough. Our expectations from computers have grown over the years and nowadays a computer that is slow or lags is simply unacceptable. It can be infuriating and testing to have to work with a computer that has become unbearable slow in its functions. A lot of things can end up affecting the speed of the computer, like a virus or malware that can creep in to your computer through the internet. However, there are still other ways for your computer to become slower. One surprising way happens to be the way your anti – virus system works if you have the windows defender installed as your primary anti – virus system.

The problem here is that any person who is using a windows 7, a windows 8, a windows 8.1, or a windows 10, is that the windows defender system begins to take up too much CPU space to run its AntiMalware service executable. This anti malware service can actually end up taking up to 60 to 70 percent of the CPU processing speed which means that it can make the CPU work a lot slower than it needs to be. You might want to use a different sort of anti malware service to prevent this from becoming a recurring problem.