Buy The Best Long Range Scopes Under $500

If you are new to the field of hunting and using rifles then we would recommend that you first go for medium quality gun scopes because there is no use to buying expensive gun scopes when you do not even know how to hunt or you do not know whether you would remain dedicated to hunting so it is better to test the waters first and then go ahead and buy an expensive gun scope which costs around $1000. We have prepared a whole list of gun scopes that you can get under $500 and the choices listed would be great for people who cannot afford an expensive ones yet one to use a good long range gun scopes and you can have a look at a lot of choices at

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-24x50mm AO

Vortex is pretty famous for manufacturing great rifle scopes which is why we have picked one of its products and it is one of a kind as it offers great features at a great price. A great feature of this particular rifle scope is that when you would use it, you would not be bothered by fog or even any kind of shock which is great when you are out hunting in a foggy terrain. If you are worried about eye injury because of the gun recoiling when it is shot then this rifle scope is perfect for you because it offers eye relief of 4 inches which means that you would be able to view the image even if your eye is 4 inches away.

Bushnell Trophy Extreme X30 6-24×50

It offers the user to fast focus upon the target with  6 to 24x magnification which is great for hunting which is why it is considered one of the best.