All About Michael Jordan

Basketball has produced so many big names over the recent years and they have reached the status of legends, but no one has been able to surpass the achievements and acknowledgements of Michael Jordan, although there have been amazing players like Stephan curry, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, but Michael still remains the most popular basketball player ever, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is the face of the sport and provides an identity to the sport and even those who know nothing about the game have heard about Michael Jordan.

The Michael Jordan fever reached far and wide especially when air Michael and Michael Jordan vertical were introduced and young boys from all over the world felt like the king himself when wearing the Michael Jordan air series from Nike, Michael Jordan vertical jump was recorded at an staggering 48 inches and no one has been able to beat that till date, his amazing athleticism and energy inspired many to pursuit their dreams and become professional basketball players, learning this skill can make all the difference in your game, this leap gives great advantage and you can jump even higher than taller opponents.

Learning the vertical leap is not that straightforward and it will require you to have the right shoes first of all and then possess the right technique and then practice it again and again, you should learn the technique from a reputable website like, this is the website every basketball enthusiast should visit, learning the techniques correctly is crucial if you are to avoid any injuries. This website not only provides the required information about the techniques but emphasizes on the different exercise routines that you must follow in order to gain higher jump and beat even taller opponents.